Your eBike, will be pre-built at our shop by a professional bike mechanic.

That’s right, ‘Buy an eBike’ from us and we will assemble your eBike by a professional bicycle specialist and we will deliver your eBike direct to your own doorstep, completely free of charge.

It’s vitally important that your new e-bike is set-up correctly, to ensure a safe, smooth ride.

When you purchase an eBike from Buy an eBike, you’re not only getting the assurance of a quality product, but also the peace of mind that your electric bike has had the best possible start.

It couldn’t be simpler to arrange your free e-bike assembly, and here’s how:

1. Choose your new electric bike

Choose an eBike from our wide range of trusted brands. Our selection will ensure that we have the right e-bike for you.

2. Tell us where you want your bike delivered

At the checkout enter your delivery address, this will be the same address where your bike will be assembled. We will send you a tracking information as soon as it is dispatched.

3. Enjoy your professionally assembled electric bike

That’s it! Enjoy many years of cycling with your new eBike from Buy an eBike, with the peace of mind that your e-bike has had the best possible start.

4. Time to choose your e-bikes

Please get in touch for further information.